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I can’t prove that you’re not an idiot

Believer: Oh, there you go again: ‘You can’t prove that God exists’. Blah! :rollseyes:

Non-believer: Er, yep: you can’t prove that any god exists.

Believer: Well, neither can you prove that he doesn’t exist!

Non-believer: You’re right. But I also can’t prove that you’re not an idiot.


The Hadza – hunter gatherers of Tanzania

They grow no food, raise no livestock, and live without rules or calendars. They are living a hunter-gatherer existence that is little changed from 10,000 years ago. What do they know that we’ve forgotten?

The thought-provoking article from National Geographic.

You have to ask yourself: why exactly do we live the way we do, here and now? So that we don’t have to shit in the bush? It’s not that bad, you know. It’s way better than a bad public toilet 

Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities.
- Mark Twain -

My Surrogate Life

The daily drudge
the deadly domestic routine.
A billion lonely souls
round and round the track
each in his own lonely lane.
The great hunter
reduced to bread-winner
executing orders.

My surrogate life.

My body remembers the time
when it ran across the fields
and danced around the fire.
Now it aches and groans
under an invisible load.
And, with my tired soul,
it wants no more
of this surrogate life.